Who We Serve

IRAP is the first organization to provide comprehensive legal representation to refugees throughout the registration, protection, and resettlement processes, working in some of the world’s regions most traumatized by war, hostility, and political upheaval. Since our establishment, we have provided legal assistance to more than 10,300 refugees, and have resettled more than 3,100 individuals from conflict zones to safe new countries. IRAP provides pro bono legal representation, legal advice, and expert referrals to refugees all over the world.

IRAP’s goal is to ensure that available services and legal protections go to those who are most in need. Utilizing our grassroots networks amongst particularly difficult-to-access populations, we work to identify and empower many of the world’s most at-risk refugees, including LGBTI individuals, religious minorities subject to targeted violence, survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, children with medical emergencies for which local treatment is not available, and interpreters being hunted down by the Islamic State, militias, and the Taliban in retaliation for their work with the United States and NATO.