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Many of the people we work with assisted U.S. soldiers, media, and aid organizations in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to be left in harm’s way. Others are mixed Sunni Shi’a families who suffered doubly during the sectarian violence in Iraq. Some are members of persecuted minority groups including LGBT individuals and women forced into sex trafficking. Still others are fleeing the violence and devastation in Syria.

IRAP believes that helping to resettle refugees is in America’s interest. Living in poverty and despair, refugees become vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremists. The refugees’ greatest hope, and ours, is for them to start new lives in countries that will accept them. But resettlement is a difficult process. With no one to show the way, refugees get lost in a maze of paperwork and appeals.

Through donations and volunteer efforts, IRAP is bringing hope and help to refugees all over the Middle East and the world.